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Thank you and goodbye!

Its been 50 years since I had the opportunity to work with you and my colleagues. Success and failure are a part and parcel of everyday work life’s highs and lows. But the memories of working with an inspirational team such as we were never leaves. The many travels, challenges, we met and overcame together throughout our travels in Europe, with particular focus on my favorite Italy. It has been a very successful association thanks to the successful teamwork, collaboration, understanding and support, which resulted in some of the most innovative and lasting concepts in our field. Having all of you as partners at work was undoubtedly one of the best professional experiences in my career which I always treasure. I consider myself lucky to have something that makes saying Goodbye so difficult, so I am sure you will understand that I will continue to be involved in some developments inside the packaging world with some of our colleagues from Italy. The operational activities being taken care of by them directly anyhow. More information will follow. Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest or who cares the best it’s about who came & never left. Good friends never say goodbye, they simply say “see you”. Thanking you always for such fond memories. Harald